Mission Statement

Our mission is to foster greater understanding among the general public, medical audiences and other key stakeholders, about what biotechnology is, where it has come from and its role in medicine, including its risks and benefits. This commitment drives everything we do. This is to be achieved through world-class on-line collections of historical sources, exhibitions, interactive experiences, films and learning programmes.


Our goal is to provide trusted and reliable educational resources targeting people at various ages ranging from school children through to university and those pursuing continuing professional development modules to facilitate better understandings about:

Public Benefit

Today biotechnology is one of the most important tools in medicine, helping in the diagnosis and treatment of disease. Yet, beyond genetic testing or embryonic stem cells which often grab media headlines, few understand the power of biotechnology and how it shapes everyday medical research, practice and treatment. The aim of BIOTECHMET is to provide educational resources on biotechnology and medicine free at point of access for the benefit of the general public, healthcare workers and other key stakeholders. No such resources are available to these audiences, all of whom are affected by the everyday application of biotechnology in medicine.


The charity aims to support the development of different educational resources for a variety of audiences. One of the first projects it is supporting is the website WhatisBiotechnology.org Launched in February 2013 the website gets nearly two million page views a year. It attracts visitors from around the world, including school students, policy makers, industry experts, scientists and financial investors. Many schools and universities use the site as a major teaching resource.

The second project supported by the charity is FutureBiotechnologists.org which has been launched to bring companies in the life sciences and schools and universities together. It is developing a hybrid portfolio of free innovative online and in-person events and services. Designed for students aged 16-23, the project aims to help widen access to opportunities in the sector by facilitating panel discussions, networking events, site visits, mentoring and internships.

Supporting our mission

We rely on support from individuals and organisations to kindly donate time and money to build out these educational resources. Visit this page on WhatIsBioechnology.org to find out how you can donate to support our work.


Sebastien Jean-Claude Farnaud, PhD, MSc, FRSB, FIBMS, FHEA

Sebastien trained in molecular biology, biochemistry, microbiology and genetics at the University of Paul Sabatier in Toulouse and did a PhD at King’s College London. He is now Professor in Enterprise and Innovation in Healthcare Technologies at Coventry University. In 2023 he was shortlisted in partnership with Coventry University for the prestigious THE Awards 2023, https://the-awards.co.uk/2023/en/page/shortlist, for their project ‘Bioleaching technology for the recovery of metals from electronic waste’. Prior to joining Coventry University Sebastien was Reader in Biomedical Science at the University of Bedfordshire and the Deputy Director of IBEST (Institute of Biomedical and Environmental Science and Technology) for Research and Enterprise. While at the University of Bedfordshire he established a Partnership Portfolio (enterprises/NGO/Research Organisations) for Research Collaboration and Student Career Experience. From 2008 to 2011 Sebastien was the Science and Education Director at the Dr Hadwen Trust, a medical research charity set up to support the development of new techniques to replace the need for animals in research. He has held positions at the University of Westminster and King’s College London.

Peter Gluckman BA, MSc, HonMFPH

Peter has held Board level and change agent positions within primary, secondary and specialist care, within mental health and led integration programmes for the NHS with social services and education. He also knows the charity and independent sector having been a trustee of three and director of two charities and worked across those sectors on regeneration, health, and social care developments. He has led work to achieve Foundation Trust status and consultancy to support the DoH team dedicated to working with challenged NHS organisations. He is director of two consultancies: Change fx Associates Limited and the Public Health Action Support Team (PHAST). He is an honorary member of the Faculty of Public Health.

Jenny Murray

Jenny has over 25 years of experience in the antibody and cell culture industry. She was the Managing Director and founder of Seralab Ltd, a company set up by David Murray. The company provided the first commercially available monoclonal antibodies from the laboratory of the Nobel Prize winner Cesar Millstein. Seralab was sold in July 2014 to BioreclamationIVT, a US supplier of biological material. In 2008 Jenny became the Managing Director of Life Science Group Ltd, a company offering quality monoclonal antibodies and polyclonal antisera, and a variety of contract production services such as cell culture sera, media, buffers and reagents. In 2023 Jenny and her colleagues were selected as finalists for the prestigious Innovate UK/KTP Awards 2023, https://www.ktp-uk.org/awards/, for their development of novel media for Cell and Tissue transport at ambient temperature. Since 2016 Jenny has been Chair of the Industry Serum Industry Association and is a member of the ISIA European Regulatory Affairs Team and SERA Education programme with a special interest in the regulatory issues surrounding the movement of animal by-products worldwide.

Russell Walters

Russell Walters is a qualified accountant with a degree in biochemistry. He is currently Chief Executive at St Olave’s and St Saviour’s School Foundation. Previously head of Operations at English Heritage, Russell is very experienced in the public and charitable grant sectors, overseeing the finance and governance of the organisation.

Annual Reports

You can download our Annual Reports of the Trustees and Financial Statements here:

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The Biotechnology and Medicine Education Trust (Biotechmet) is a registered charity with the Charity Commission. Registered Charity Number 1165469. Contact us on .